Monday, April 13, 2015

Oily Souls 2 #DetroitChopCity

I apparently hate blogging.

Anyway, last August I was graciously invited to bring my little troublehead to Brad's (Zen of Neato) little get together in Detroit--Oily Souls. Thankfully, my friend (and fellow non-blogger) John was going to go to, and was nice enough to haul the bike up. I brought a camera to document the journey, but it mostly stayed in the bag (on account of how I hate taking pictures and like just having fun).

Anyway, I could write about how much fun it was going to Detroit for the first time, or how wax on about the jerky emporium that we stopped for on the way, but I think I'll just say how much fun it was getting to see all of my friends and attach some pictures of everything that happened to let you enjoy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Instagram Killed the Blogosphere-Star

Fuck it, we'll do it live. I haven't even told any of the other C4 crew about this, but I'm bringing it back. I don't care how time consuming this blog will be. I also know that no one ACTUALLY reads this, but it'll be nice to read one day. So, for 2014 expect actual posts. I'll be going to Hoodbush, Ramble Tamble, and other events as well as just jamming along with buddies.

This blog is about choppers, cars, and whatever the hell else we want to post. And its back.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Raptors are freaking sweet!

I'm gonna grow out my big toenails super long and buy a big rubber tail.  Then, I can go to Burger King and jump on someone's table and be all like "RAAAWWRRR!!"

Dreams can come true.

I have a new project:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ton-Up/ Rockers Revival

Well, for the month of May we here at C4 assume that just because we are busy, the readers are too. So, we didn't post anything.

However, I'm here to post something that is good. Motorcycle show coverage. 

The Ton-up is a cafe bike show that has been going on for the past six years at the melody inn in Indianapolis. Though it is a show centered around cafe themed bikes, everything else is welcome. There weren't many choppers, but there were a lot of good looking bikes.

I'm not the most creative photographer, but I did want to get a good cross section of bikes. 

This puch was my favorite thing there

Still, just so awesome

I thought the guy riding this triumph seemed pretty cool

I liked the colour of the stripe and the proportion of this bike

Also, this tail light is so cool!

I love peanuts

The coolest harley there. Hands down, XR1000s are my favorite

A bike known as Magik Vomik, that was recently featured in Street Chopper Magazine, my friend nate painted 
I think I just thought this was cool 
My buddies Bert and Nick showed up. This is Berts Honda with a Amen  frame

If I were to build a honda... 

There were probably 100 or so bikes, which is a good turn out for indy. The inner primary separated on my shovel on the way home, so I had to use my foot to hold it up. If you get the chance, go to it next year!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey! It's Nate!

Despite my disdain for auto play music on any web page from the time Al Gore invented the internet up until this very second, Nate has a really great blog. Worth looking at for sure and no, i'm not just posting this because he posted a picture I took. (Ed Lepolds LaSalle pictured below.)

The guy has an eye for style that most people are not blessed with. I mean, just check out the bad show bike Triumph at the top of the page, or his Pan which he calls "The Ice Queen". This guy has something going on in his brain that gives him the ability to put something together that can't be matched at your run of the mill "Biker Rally". Keep at it Nate. C4 loves it.