Saturday, March 17, 2012

Holy S#*t!! It runs!

After a year and a half of sitting, and only two minor explosions, the Sparklemobile is running again.  If you ever flood your engine and decide to remove the distributor, make sure you turn off the ignition or that bastard will ignite the crankcase fumes and startle the living hell out of you.  The baffle in the oil fill tube, which is in there pretty tight, shot out and landed a few feet away.  That was pretty cool. 

Too bad I didn't learn my lesson and shocked the piss out of myself an hour or two later while pulling the distributor again.

Coils are stupid.  I'm replacing everything with flint from a Bic lighter.  Never shocked myself on a Bic.  Yet.

Cross your fingers, I hope to take my sweet rat rod out for a drive tomorrow.  I think I'm going to start it up again tonight and see if I can make my neighbors hate me.  I'm ready to move anyway.

Happy St. Patricks Day

from Lil Mike!

This is by far the coolest minority that I have ever met. He's always down for a good time and he always has a funny story to tell.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday:HCPU 2007

It is officially Saturday here in the midwest. I was suppose to post this on Friday but I forgot to 'publish' it. So here it is, a couple hours late....Flashback Friday.

Once upon a time in '07 some of my fellow bloggers and myself went on a magical journey to Morris, IL for the Hunnert Car Pileup. We learned that James Dean was gay.

 This was before we knew Sunshine but we were able to grab a pic of his old mans car.

Lick the ground bitch! We still don't know why he did this.

Holy shit

c4 Scene is over a year old, and over the past few months the blog has finally started rolling.

Expect big things this year from the club and from the blog.

Balululu, thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Super Mock

Started putting the 39mm I plan to run together. Shaved the headlight tabs off the top tree and the fender mount off lowers...Had to put a wheel on it and see what is to come...Hope to get the whole setup assembled in the next week or so.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Garage fun with my friends.



...and the most famous mythical magician in the world.

Bill loves Terre Haute.

So, there it is.  Got the intake and carbs and misc. bracketry all attached.  Painted some crap. Watched Bill Moyer.  Just need plugs and oil and various whatnots and I'll be driving it again.  Next paycheck I'll get a repro vinyl top and get crusing.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I started working on this shovelhead thats in my garage. I bought it mostly to let it sit around, but every now and again, I think I may like it. I havent decided yet. Front end change in the worx. Yes, worx. Removing the ultra cool billet clad wide glide and putting on a 39mm Ive yet to put totally together. The guy I bought it from said he was riding it the previous season...but theres no way I believe him after everything Ive fixed and keep finding wrong. Last night, I took the front wheel off and the left bearing looked like it was ready to come apart. I would have trusted a sweater knitted by my grandma in its place more than the bearing....

Thursday, March 8, 2012


My names Dustin. If I had a nickname it would be Thommy. Nobody really calls me that..except my sister. I like various things. Especially thin mint girl scout cookies. I collect a lot of different things as well. Ive tried out for the hit TV docudrama known as "Hoarders" the past 2 seasons without any success. They tell me I cant wear my pajama jeans...only yoga pants. I dont like the way yoga pants fit me in my side bags. Maybe next season, the rules will lighten up. I own mostly junk...except my world renowned collection of Lance Armstrong arm bands.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Handlebar dilemma

Hello to you! Yes YOU, the one person that reads this blog. I need YOUR opinion!

I did not like the drag bars on my bike so I am trying something else. I tried out 3 different options which are pictured below.. I like them all. I think I know which ones I like the best but I want your opinions. I like the wide ones because I can use the biltwell risers that I have, which bolt right into the springer legs, but I think they are almost too wide. If I use skinnier bars or the shorter bars I will have to figure out some other riser option because the holes in the springer for riser bolts are too close to the springs (risers hit springs) and cant really be moved.

I made this stupid little plate and welded some bolts to it just to be able to see what the skinnier bars look like. This is definitely not permanent .

I marked a 2 green dots on the black top piece so you can see where the riser bolt hole are in the springer top.

Here is a comparison of where the risers work, and then where the hole markings are. You can see how if I moved the risers to those holes they would hit the springs.

Some other options I was thinking of where to widen the taller bars and split the difference between the wide version and the skinny version. Or I could have some short ape hangers (chimps) made. Please tell me what you think!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I'm John.  I bring very little to the table, other than looks that would make Brad Pitt weep with envy and the ability to make life-sized balloon animals in under three minutes.

This is more or less just a test post to get a feel for bloggerdom.  I don't have a bike, but I make up for it with Moxie. I am in the process of reassembling the Sparklemobile at the moment; I'll most likely keep tabs on the progress here as long as there is some sort of interest.

More to come.