Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness Biker Build-Off

Last week the ol lady and myself went to this place down the street from her apartment to get some coffee. This isn't just your run of the mill starbucks. This is THE place for a guy like me to drink coffee. Its basically a show room of bad ass motorcycles with a coffee bar. If your ever in St. Louis I highly recommend checking out Kickstart Cafe / Classic Motorcycle Company

As we were sitting there drinking our coffee and talking to Brad the barista (who is getting ready to hardtail his Harley which he rides almost everyday), I noticed this little flyer sitting on the counter.

April 14th you say? Hmm, guess that means I need to get my bike on the road. I hate basketball so to stay off facebook and try to avoid basketball talk as much as possible, Im going lock myself in the garage for all of March and try to get my bike running by April 1st.

Here is the list of things that I need to do in order to make that happen.
  1. Mount Taillights
  2. Finish and mount oil tank
  3. Build new handlebars
  4. Buy new cables
  5. Mount/Finish weld front brake stay
  6. Build battery box
  7. Build/Mount new seat pan
  8. Mount new seat springs
  9. Chop gas tank
  10. Mount fender
  11. Build/Mount Sissy bar
  12. Lengthen/Bend exhaust pipes
  13. Remount Headlight
  14. Mount electronic parts (coils, brake light switch, etc.)
  15. Take apart and finish weld frame/mounts
  16. Wire it
  17. Tune it up
So basically I have a lot of mounting to do. I try to practice mounting things as much as I can. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lucas--Prince of Darkness

So as some folks know, I have lucas SLR700s in my car, which are my primary headlight set up.

The downside is they work part time.

So in time I will show you boys how to have some sweet custom car headlights and have them set up to swap out for standard bulbs with haste! Expect that this spring with a transmission swap!

Car shit is part of C4 too, as we're a sister club to the FBLC

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

LIFE archives

The internet and blogs have been buzzing about the life archives on google for a few years now. I don't have much blog content at the moment so I figured that I would just reprise a post from my old blog.
Go HERE if you want to find more cool photos in the LIFE archives. 

Galloping Goose M.C. I love how its a giant hand/middle finger....running

Norm Grabowski!

I love this bike. The tank really works.

Iron Horsemen

One of the greatest television shows ever.

This picture is obviously from the movie grease. sarcasm.

Rita Hayworth. Mmmmmm


Friday, February 10, 2012

Everyday I'm Shovelin'

My shovel has come a long way from the way it was first built, and the way it now sits. I'd argue that it looks better, but that is really a subjective thing to say. It is still and forever will be my "dad's old shovel" even though I've changed most of the important parts.

Anyway here are some pictures.

This is the first day of the shovel being done. It has the AEE springer from the sportser, pull back risers and mini-apes. 

This is the summer of the first year that I was riding it. It had the 35mm front end with the disc from the Blue sportser, as christian was running the AEE on it at the time. Still has white seat and grips
This version is how it kind of currently is. It has a 1.5X21 hoop with a hallcraft spool, and an avon speedmaster mkII. It has black grips, pegs, and seat. A 33.4 sportster front end, in AEE trees.  Though right now it has a set of K model lower legs, that were shaved and chromed in the time you could get good chrome.

Anyway, that is just a quick run through on the shovel, I think it looks better now than it ever has. Its gonna get a new tank sometime this summer, to save the billy jay paint, and change the bike up a little bit.

Chop on-chopp ff.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tough Biker Pics 3

also, my favorite halloween costume.

Chop on,

P.s. Nick asked about that hot rod in my pervious post. There will be more of that soon. I'll include car stuff on this blog as well, since we are the cousin club to the FBLC. I am excited

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ol' Skool Chopperz

Well, my dad used to build motorcycles. By used to, I mean still technically does, but he did a while ago too. When I say a while ago, I mean, back when they actually were something new.

Anyway, here are a couple of scans so NickkkkkySixxx doesn't leave the club.

I've scanned other good'uns 2

Ness style sportster, loaded into a truck 
This is a picture of the infamous blue sportster, before it was the infamous blue sportster. this is when dad had first chopped it into a ness style digger, with a ness rocket tank, with a story about the paint.
This version of the sportster was before the AEE front end, and in its last oil-bag-less formation. It wound up with an open primary, and a 14 over AEE front end, and then kind of got sold, but not really.
This is my brother's blue bike in mock up. This is the same sportster that is in the other pictures, just in a different frame. Though, this boy is currently going into the first form, with a few changes.

I've got some more pictures I need to scan, and some others that I've scanned and set back for a rainy day.

Chop on, Chop off,