Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ol' Skool Chopperz

Well, my dad used to build motorcycles. By used to, I mean still technically does, but he did a while ago too. When I say a while ago, I mean, back when they actually were something new.

Anyway, here are a couple of scans so NickkkkkySixxx doesn't leave the club.

I've scanned other good'uns 2

Ness style sportster, loaded into a truck 
This is a picture of the infamous blue sportster, before it was the infamous blue sportster. this is when dad had first chopped it into a ness style digger, with a ness rocket tank, with a story about the paint.
This version of the sportster was before the AEE front end, and in its last oil-bag-less formation. It wound up with an open primary, and a 14 over AEE front end, and then kind of got sold, but not really.
This is my brother's blue bike in mock up. This is the same sportster that is in the other pictures, just in a different frame. Though, this boy is currently going into the first form, with a few changes.

I've got some more pictures I need to scan, and some others that I've scanned and set back for a rainy day.

Chop on, Chop off,

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