Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Handlebar dilemma

Hello to you! Yes YOU, the one person that reads this blog. I need YOUR opinion!

I did not like the drag bars on my bike so I am trying something else. I tried out 3 different options which are pictured below.. I like them all. I think I know which ones I like the best but I want your opinions. I like the wide ones because I can use the biltwell risers that I have, which bolt right into the springer legs, but I think they are almost too wide. If I use skinnier bars or the shorter bars I will have to figure out some other riser option because the holes in the springer for riser bolts are too close to the springs (risers hit springs) and cant really be moved.

I made this stupid little plate and welded some bolts to it just to be able to see what the skinnier bars look like. This is definitely not permanent .

I marked a 2 green dots on the black top piece so you can see where the riser bolt hole are in the springer top.

Here is a comparison of where the risers work, and then where the hole markings are. You can see how if I moved the risers to those holes they would hit the springs.

Some other options I was thinking of where to widen the taller bars and split the difference between the wide version and the skinny version. Or I could have some short ape hangers (chimps) made. Please tell me what you think!


  1. I think I prefer the one on the right, but the middle is a close second. Sucks that it won't be as easy to mount, but it's not really art unless it causes you to suffer.

  2. I think the middle set is the best. Just tuck that throttle cable in a bit. Bein cool is never easy is what I think Johnny was trying to say.

  3. I was really hoping this was gonna be a post about handlebar mustaches.