Saturday, March 17, 2012

Holy S#*t!! It runs!

After a year and a half of sitting, and only two minor explosions, the Sparklemobile is running again.  If you ever flood your engine and decide to remove the distributor, make sure you turn off the ignition or that bastard will ignite the crankcase fumes and startle the living hell out of you.  The baffle in the oil fill tube, which is in there pretty tight, shot out and landed a few feet away.  That was pretty cool. 

Too bad I didn't learn my lesson and shocked the piss out of myself an hour or two later while pulling the distributor again.

Coils are stupid.  I'm replacing everything with flint from a Bic lighter.  Never shocked myself on a Bic.  Yet.

Cross your fingers, I hope to take my sweet rat rod out for a drive tomorrow.  I think I'm going to start it up again tonight and see if I can make my neighbors hate me.  I'm ready to move anyway.


  1. So did you drive your rat ride today? It sure was a good day for it. Ive been riding my 96 goldwing bobberchopper all over town with all the other bikers.

  2. Buddy christ loves your sweet rat rod, and so do I!
    NICK!? I didn't know you had a goldwing bobberchopperfreddercustom? I have one too! I call mine the phoenix, you know, because its a goldwing.

  3. I haven't driven my hotrodratrod32customspiderweb
    much yet, still gotta put on the vinyl top, it looks pretty lame and the fabric on it now flaps too much in the wind.

  4. I thought it was a Ford Fairlane